Walk around imagining everyone is thinking about chickens.

Your life will be a lot more positive and less negative. By changing your perspective you change your world and by focusing on something harmless it doesn’t bring up any emotions because it’s irrelevant to you.

I mean for me I’m usually thinking about basketball, self development, conspiracies, psychology, and philosophy. The rest is filled with worrying about others judging me but realistically they are doing the same as you. They’re probably not judging you as much as you think. Most of their time thinking is filled with thinking about their hobbies and interests.

The reason I picked chickens was because I have a coworker who I worried was judging me but I came to the realization that he’s probably thinking about his chickens he raises most of the time. So I asked myself how would my day go if I just imagined everyone was thinking about chickens. It really could be anything especially if you know what that person is interested in. If you don’t know what they are interested in then chickens it is!

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